Four Weeks Arduino Training

  • Introduction Connections with Arduino
  • Understand usage of Breadboard for advanced Robotics
  • In-depth understanding of electronic circuits
  • Understand LEDs, switches and battery connections
  • Understand Motors and their movement control
  • Usage of LED, Push buttons, resistors, buzzers, battery
  • L293 D Motor Driver
  • Shift Resistor
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    Six Weeks Arduino Training

  • Connect PC with 16x2 LCD using Arduino
  • Create Custom Characters on LCD Using Arduino
  • Use Interrupts with Arduino Board
  • Use Digital Input And Digital Output Of Arduino
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    Six Months Training (Arduino/IoT)

  • Arduino with ESP8266 - Reading Data from Internet
  • How to Send Data to Web Server using Arduino and SIM900A GPRS/GSM Module
  • Web Controlled Servo using Arduino and Wi-Fi
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    Six Month Web Development Training

  • Led Blinking
  • Introduction to Web Technology
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Elements and Tags
  • Attributes
  • Elements(Advanced)
  • Images
  • Tables (Detailed)
  • Links (All types)
  • Video and Audio
  • Forms
  • Uploading pages
  • Web Standards and validation
  • Tips & Tricks
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    One week Embedded System

  • Led Blinking
  • Introduction to Embedded Systems
  • Introduction to Microcontrollers & the Arduino Platform
  • Fundamentals of Arduino Programming,keywords, in built functions , libraries etc
  • Working with Arduino ID
  • Arduino Hardware Specification
  • Designing of Arduino Hardware
  • Digital GPIO programming
  • Different pattern on Led[ blinking,running,etc
  • LED Binary Counter
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    Two Days IOT Training

  • Introduction
  • IOT Switch
  • Control Home appliance with Internet using Realy
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