• Pinout (UNO, NANO, ProMini, Mega)
  • LED Patterns
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Ultrasonic, IR, Color Sensors
  • LCD, 7-Segment, LED Matrix
  • DC, Stepper and Servo Motors
  • Accelerometer and Gyro
  • IoT - NodeMCU

  • NodeMCU Pinout
  • HTML, PHP and MySQL
  • ESP8266
  • Control LED from Mobile
  • Web Controlled Scrolling LED
  • Weather Station
  • Home Automation
  • Aerial Robotics-Quadcopter

  • Aerial Robotics Physics
  • Quadcopter Components
  • PID Controller
  • Gyro Fundamentals, MPU6050
  • RF Communication
  • Flight Controller
  • Projects

    Height Measurement

    The project can be used to accurately measure the height of a person or object. A platform is moved after sensing any object below it and touches the object and stops. It displays the reading of height of the object. It uses Arduino UNO, Ultrasonic sensor, LCD display, DC motors to complete this project.

    Self Balancing Robot

    The self balancing robot developed can move on two wheels. PID controller is applied to correct the error of the position due to any unbalance. MPU6050 is used in the project.

    Web Controlled Clock

    This is an IoT project. A digital clock is developed which reads time form server and displayes of 8x8 LED Matrix display. This is based on ESP8266 Node MCU. Using such clock, we can have uniform time through out any campus, city or even country.


    The Robogian is equipped with all Modern Tools for training and projects :

    • Development Boards, CRO
    • Soldering Stations
    • Multimeters, Hand drills, screw drivers etc.
    • Projections and Audio Video Systems
    • Motors, Drivers, Batteries etc.
    • 3D printing facility
    • Large space for conducting Robotic Experiments & Workshops
    • Mechanical assembly and prototyping tools, prototyping workbenches and drill press
    • STEM kits
    • Electrical prototyping tools including lab power supplies

    We are equipped with all equipments required for your training. You do not need to acquire any equipments, sensors for developing projects of your choice.